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How to see all the indexes in elasticsearch using Kibana?

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Goto Kibana and then click on "Dev Tools" from Left Menu, Once the console is open run the following command to see all the indexes with names and sizes in elasticsearch.

GET /_cat/indices?v

The you see output like following

health status index        uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open   products     YRgIegh9STSmrrpNoZnzAA   5   1        144            0      2.3mb          2.3mb
yellow open   foo          BvHYbnwyQGGDOWRKh9tO5w   5   1          0            0       839b           839b
yellow open   .kibana      BC5F3SEYT2-m-P2JkUd9QQ   1   1         24            4    119.5kb        119.5kb
yellow open   users        fDYh8frAQ5207XR79iynxQ   5   1        102            8     55.5kb         55.5kb
yellow open   transactions y1vR2oefSfGBaANGqzr6bQ   5   1        302            0     41.9mb         41.9mb

You can see how the result looks like in following image.


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