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How to ignore missing or extra properties in JSON deserialization using jackson

Views: 699     jackson   json   deserialization  
2018-05-02 d20160501

How to convert an Object to JSON in Groovy without using any third party library?

Views: 296     groovy   json  
2018-04-29 d20160501

Getting following error while running in local Invalid character found in method name. HTTP method names must be tokens

Views: 6144     springboot   java   rest   api  
2018-04-17 d20160501

When i run idevicescreenshot, getting following exception Could not start screenshotr service! Remember that you have to mount the Developer disk image on your device if you want to use the screenshotr service.

Views: 407     idevicescreenshot   ios   appium  
2018-04-03 andro

Getting error 'Could not find adb Please set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable with the Android SDK root directory path.

Views: 1117     android   android_home   macos  
2018-03-27 noder

Getting error Environment variable 'ANDROID_HOME' was not found! while running selendroid

Views: 359     selendroid   android   appium  
2018-03-21 FastFoodCoding

How to increment MongoDB Field value?

Views: 819     mongodb   increment  
2018-03-07 noder

How to know size of an elasticsearch index using Kibana?

Views: 417     elasticsearch   kibana   elk   index  
2018-03-06 noder

How to see all the indexes in elasticsearch using Kibana?

Views: 350     elasticsearch   kibana   elk   index  
2018-03-06 noder

How can i check rate limit usage of a GitHub's Access Token?

Views: 348     github   rate-limit   access-token  
2018-03-04 noder

How can i make sure a directory exists in file system with the given path?

Views: 611     java   files   directory   path  
2018-03-04 noder

How to get current Year in Java?

Views: 1579     java   date   year  
2018-03-04 noder

How to add given number of hours to Date Object in Java?

Views: 309     java   date   hours  
2018-03-04 noder

How to calculate time difference between two Timezones in Java

Views: 1129     java   timezone  
2018-03-04 noder

I want to show pipe (|) symbol in one of the column's data, but when i simply write (|) markdown considering it as a separate column.

Views: 531    
2018-03-04 noder

How can i redirect to a url programatically using Javascript?

Views: 345     javascript   redirection   url  
2018-02-07 FastFoodCoding

How to switch to root user in Ubuntu?

Views: 553     ubuntu   root  
2018-01-09 FastFoodCoding

Getting following exception while starting my NodeJS application Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::80

Views: 1427     nodejs  
2018-01-09 FastFoodCoding


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