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With out using any plugins you can actually change the User-Agent in chrome browser by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open Developer Tools

Click on Settings (Located at top right corner) and click More Tools and then check Developer Tools

Open Developer Tools

Step 2: Open Network Conditions

Click on settings which is located at top right corner of console and click More Tools and then click Network Conditions.

Open Network Conditions

Step 3: Uncheck the 'Select Automatically' option

In Network Conditions under User Agent section, uncheck the Select Automatically option

Uncheck the Select Automatically option

Step 4: Now choose from the default list of User Agents or Paste your own User Agent String

Now you can choose any User Agent from existing list of User Agents or if you are looking for any specific User Agent string you can also paste that string in

Choose from existing list
Choosing from Existing User Agents LIst

Paste your own User Agent String

Pasting your own User Agent String.

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