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Prerequisites & Assumptions

I am writing this tutorial for the following targeted audience

  1. Familiar with one of the programming language ( C/ C++/ PHP/ .NET )
  2. Know the fundamentals of computer science

In this tutorial series, i concentrate more on code and less on theory, I mostly write code in such a way that it's self-explanatory. This tutorial series is very handy for those who want to refresh their Java skills and also who want to keep this as a quick code reference during development


Java History

Installing Java & Setting up for your first program

Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS)

Java - Hello World Program

Data Types, Variables & Arrays

Java Primitive Data Types

Java Variables

Arrays in Java

Operators in Java

Control Flow Statements

Java Strings

Everything about Java Strings

Java Classes & Objects

Everything about Classes & Objects in Java

Java Collections

Collections in Java

Java Files

File Handling in Java

Multithreading in Java

Java's Multithreading concepts

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