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The Array is used to group similar type of elements.
Following is how you declare an array.

type[] identifier;
type identifier[];


int[] intValuesArray;

Following is the syntax to initialize an Array

identifier = new type[size];


intValuesArray = new int[10];

You can do this in one line as shown below

int[] intValuesArray = new int[10];

Inline Initialization

You can assign values to array at the time of declaration itself as shown in following code

int intValuesArray[5]={1,2,3,4,5};

Reading & Writing

Following program explains you how to write data to an array and how to read from it

class Arrays {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        int[] intValuesArray = new int[5]; //Declaration

        // Writing to Array
        intValuesArray[0] = 1;
        intValuesArray[1] = 2;
        intValuesArray[2] = 3;
        intValuesArray[3] = 4;
        intValuesArray[4] = 5;

        // Reading from Array

        int x = intValuesArray[1];
        System.out.println("Value at 2nd position is: " + x);



Value at 2nd position is:2

Multi dimensional Arrays

Multi dimensional Arrays are Arrays of Arrays, these can be of any dimensions.
Following example shows you creating a two dimensional array and writing, reading data from and to the array.

public class TwoDimentionalArray {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        int twoDimentionalArray[][] =  new int[2][2]; //Declaration

        // Writing to Two Dimensional Array
        twoDimentionalArray[0][0] = 11;
        twoDimentionalArray[0][1] = 12;

        twoDimentionalArray[1][0] = 21;
        twoDimentionalArray[1][1] = 22;

        // Reading to Two Dimensional Array

        System.out.println("Value at [0][0] position is: " + twoDimentionalArray[0][0]);
        System.out.println("Value at [0][1] position is: " + twoDimentionalArray[0][1]);
        System.out.println("Value at [1][0] position is: " + twoDimentionalArray[1][0]);
        System.out.println("Value at [1][1] position is: " + twoDimentionalArray[1][1]);



Value at [0][0] position is: 11
Value at [0][1] position is: 12
Value at [1][0] position is: 21
Value at [1][1] position is: 22

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