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Answer for Question 1522739809390

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Type: answer   |   Status: Live

idevicescreenshot not working

When i run idevicescreenshot, getting following exception Could not start screenshotr service! Remember that you have to mount the Developer disk image on your device if you want to use the screenshotr service.

2018-04-03    idevicescreenshot   ios   appium  
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Type: question   |   Status: Live

Creating an Android sound pool and playing sounds by sound id

2018-03-28    android   sound   pool  
Views: 108

Type: tutorial   |   Status: Live

Appium Android hello world

Appium Android hello world which opens the app in emulator

2018-03-28    appium   android   testing   hello-world  
Views: 78

Type: tutorial   |   Status: Live

How to navigate to another screen on Button click in Android

Navigating from one screen to another screen in Android button click

2018-03-28    android   activity   button   click   navigation  
Views: 74

Type: tutorial   |   Status: Live

How to know connected Android device id and device details?

This tutorial shows you, how to get connected Android device details like name, version, hardware details

2018-03-28    android   adb   version   device  
Views: 195

Type: tutorial   |   Status: Live

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